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O'Carroll Kin and Royal Genealogy
Carroll-Darnall Bible returned
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Carroll-Darnall Bible, Douay Rhiems Latin Vulgate, Thomas Haygood full commentary. All approbations by Catholic Bishops and Archbishops, two letters by two Popes.


Carroll-Darnall family bible dating from 1700's

This antique and historical family bible was found lying in a pool of water at the Portland Manor house in Maryland after the Carrolls' had moved on. The Bible was kept for many years by a woman who lived next door to the house. She then visited her friend by train to Missouri and brought the bible with her to give to her because she was Catholic and it was a Catholic bible.  The last lady a Mrs. Krause sought out online Carroll family members who knew of the bible. She located Lady Mary Carroll Bower and returned the bible to the Carroll family.


New testament portion

The bible has some watermark stains but over all is readable and in good condition, the front cover and back cover are missing and the rope binding is frayed. The pictures inside are amazing and are done by European artists of the highest reknown.


Mary Magdalene, on loan from Vatican


Haga and Ismael leaving.


Letters of Approbation from all the Bishops and Archbishops of the Catholic Church. Letters from two popes, Pope Piux IX and Pope Piux VI.


Entries of the Carroll, Darnall, and King, marriages, births and deaths.


The Beautiful three Marys


Moses and the Commandments

There are many other pictures in the bible not shown here.