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O'Carroll Kin and Royal Genealogy

Marriages:Carroll-Darnall -King Bible Entries, owner Mary Carroll (Robbin) Bower

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1.Michael Brown Carroll, Master Commandant of the U.S. Navy and Mary Ann King were married by the Rev. John B. Clemmudus(sp) at Kingston Hall in Sommerset County, Maryland on the 15th of January 1817. ( this is the home of Gov. Thomas King Carroll, cousin to Charles Carroll of Carrollton. *) Present Maria Gale, Michael Gale, Amelia Gale, Elizabeth Bailey, Elizabeth Carroll, Thomas King Carroll and wife, Levin R. King, Robert and Henry King, John Henry, Henry James Carroll Jr.
2.Henry J. Carroll, son of Michael B. Carroll and Lucretia Leeds Briscoe, were married by Rev. John Clanton at Kingston Hall, St. Marys County, Maryland, on the 28th of April 1840. Attendants, Mary E Hove, Octovine Scott, L.G. combs, Lawrence Lewis Jr.
3.Henry J. Carroll and Elizabeth Ann Pile were married by the Rev. Michael Dougherty at Hillico and S. Marys County, Maryland on the 2nd day of Dec. 1845. Attendants;  Mary Ann Hennerrsley, Cornelia Hutchins,Lewis G. Combs, Henry J. Carroll jr. William H. Jarboe.
4.Phillip Michael Carroll, son of Henry J. Carroll and Jennie McNatt were married at Bath, Georgia on 19th of July 1864. Attendants: Jennie Hart, Pinkney Evans, S. Eskridge, Rosa Donse, Emma McNatt, Virginia Hubert, Thomas Myers of Tenn., George Presstman of Maryland,
Maj. George Allen, Kentucky, Leut. Clanton, Georgia, Dr. D. Ford, George Dugas, Georgia,
5. Frrank H. Darnall and Elleanor A. Carroll were married at St. Nicholas Church, St. Mary's Cnty, Md. by Re. James Gatting, on the 27th of A
pril 1846. 
6. William H. Carroll and Lucy Goad were married at St. Martins Church, Baltimore, MD. by Rev. John Foley, on 31 day of oct. 1876.
7. Peter Gough Edison, and Frances Rebecca Carroll were married at St. Nicholas Church, by Rev. James P. Neal on 27th April 1885
8. John Frances Carroll and Florence Harrington Davis were married at the residence of Ms. J. H. Potter, Houston, Texas by Rev. james Logue, on 16th of Dec. 1891
9. Wm. B. Carroll and Virginia Jarvis of Michigan, were marriedOct 22nd, 1899
10. Walter H. Bishop and Eleanor Carroll married July 26th, 1900 at residence of M.P. Carroll, Augusta, Rev. Father O'Shanahan.
11.George Merrick and Elizabeth Darnall were married Sept. 12, 1900.
12. Virginia McNatt Carroll and Joe Paget were married Oct. 1900.
13.Emma Hart Carroll and Thurston c. Crawford married June 17, 1903.
14. Helen C. Carroll and J. Clark Jack married April 25 1906
15.Robert E. Carroll and Elizabeth McCracken married April. 22, 1907
16.r. Bennett Darnall and Francis Hopkins married April 27..

*Carroll-King-Darnall Bible of Maryland, Duay Rheims Bible with Archbishop and Pope Letters signed approbation.