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O'Carroll Kin and Royal Genealogy

Ancestor Carrolls page 2. photos

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Luisa Caton, gr. dau. of Charles Carroll of Carrollton

Louisa Caton


Charles Carroll of Carrollton with Declaration draft in his hand. John Hancock seated and George Washington.

Here I might describe my Dad, including such information as where and when he was born and where he went to school. I'll also write about where he works and some of his interests.


Louisa Caton

Louisa Carroll Caton, grandaughter of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, daughter of Richard Caton and Mary Carroll (PollY)Caton.


Signing of the constitution: Daniel Carroll in left hand corner standing in Gold vest with dark hair.


Francis Scott Key

Partner in the Law Firm of Charles Carroll, Author of the American Anthem Star Spangeled Banner, and cousin to Charles Carroll of Carrollton.