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O'Carroll Kin and Royal Genealogy
Royal lineage
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Our lines to the Royals of England and Europe

Duke Wellingtons Brother Richard Wellesley was married to Marianne Caton. All of the sisters of her married back into the English Royal line. We are also cousins to the Hills that were intermarried by this same line. The Hills were our cousins in Ireland. These are the grandaughters of Charles Carroll of Carrollton.

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James 3rd, Earl of Ormonde 
 1. James 4th Earl
 2. Sir Richard
 3. Sir Edmund m. Maolrony O'Carroll

1. Prince Antlhony O'Carroll of Lisheenboy, Tipperary, ireland, b. 1658
d.1724 in Ireland. Title: Prince of Ely
child. Princess Joanna O'Carroll b. 1675 Tipperary, d. Aug. 12, 1763, Baltimore, Maryland.m. Joshua Howard b. Manchester England 1655 d. 1738. 
c. Edmund Howard b. 1703 Baltimore,MD
    Mary Howard, b. 1713 Baltimore, MD
This line extends to the Gist family, the Tuckers, Young, and Mabe family.
The Young family extends to the wife of Daniel Carroll of Duddington.

prior to this the Carols originated from the Heber line of Ireland the first Monarch of Ireland. They can be found in the Annals of the Masters. They also descend through the Carolingian Dynasty to the Hapsburg dynasty. See King Mahai Carol

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