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Our Carroll/Carrell/O'Carroll line and kin

Carrell-Carroll Connection gen.
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Carrell to Carroll to Royal.

Descent of Rev. Thomas Dungan from the Emperor Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror and Edward I, Kings of England
*Compiled from data obtained from Burke's "Royal Families" and from Fosters "Our Noble and Gentle Families of Royal Descent" and the Carrell family of Missouri.
Charlemagne, b. Aprl 2, 742= 768, Hildegarde of Swabia
d. Jan1, 814
Lewis Debonaire, King= Judith d. of Guelph, count of Altorf in Swabia, d. 843
of France, Germany and Italy
d. 840
Charles the Bold, Emperor=2d wife, Richildis, d. of Bovinus, Count of Aldemir-
of France, b 823 d. Oct. 6,878         walde, France.
Judith, widow of Ethelwolph,_862, Baldwin I, Count of Flanders d.. 880
Baldwin II, Count of Flanders=Alfritha, d. of Alfred the Great, King of England
d. 918
Arnolph I. Count of Flanders=Alice d. of Herbert II,  Count of Vermandois
Balwin III, Count of Flanders=Maud d. of Herman Billung, Duke of Saxony
d. 962
Arnolph II, Count of Flanders=Susanna, d. of BerengerII, King of Italy
Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders "Fair Beard"=Ogive d. of Frederick I, Count of Bavaria and Luxembourg
Baldwin V, Count of Flanders"the Pious"=1027, Adele d. of Robert II,
  d. 1067                                                   King of France
Maud(Matilda)                               =1053, m. William the Conqueror,
                                                            King of England
Henry I, King of England                  =1102 Matilda, d. of Malcom
                                                    Canmore, King of Scotland
Maud, Widow of Henry IV,               = Geoffry Plantagenet, b. 1111
Emperor of Germany                          Son of Foulk V, Count of Anjou
Henry II, King of England                 = 1151 m. Eleanor d. of William V,
b. 1133, d, July 7, 1189                      Duke of Aquitaine
John, King of England                      = Isabel, d. 1246, d. of Aymer
Dec. 24, 1160 d. 1216                        Taillefer, Earl of Angouleme
Henry III, King of England               = Eleanor, d. June 24 1291
                                                    d. Raymond Berenger Count of
                                                      Provence, by Beatrice
Edward I, King of England               = Eleanor, d. Nov. 27, 1290
                                                    widower of Ferdinand III, King
                                                     Castile and Leon
Edward II, King of England              = Jan 28, 1308, Isabella, d. of
                                                    Philip IV, of France
Edward III, King of England             = Jan 28, 1328, Philllipa, d. of
                                                    William I. of Holland
John of Guant. b. 6-24, 1349         = Katherine Swynford d. of Sir
                                                   Payn Ruet,
Sir John Beaufort, b. 1375             = Lady Margaret Holland d. of
                                                   Thomas Earl of Kent
Sir Edmund Beaufort 1435                 =Lady Alianore Beauchamp d. of
                                                  Richard, Earl of Warwick
Lady Joan Beaufort                     = Sir Robert Lawrence, 15th Baron 
                                                  of Howth
Sir Nicholas St. Lawrence            =Lady Genet Plunkett, d. of
                                                Elizabeth Welles
Lady Alison St. Lawrence           = m. John Netterville of Dowth, Esq
Margaret Netterville                   = Walter Forster, Alderman of Dublin
Margaret Forster                       = Sir John Dungan 1578
Thomas Dungan of Lincolns Inn    =
William Dungan                         1627=Frances Latham
Rev. Thomas Dugan                   1663 Elizabeth Weaver
pedigree of Ancestry of Jermay Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy. by Alfred Justice pp.33 and 115
James Carrell imigrated to America in 1690-1695 he married the youngest daughter of Rev. Thomas Dungan. The Carroll, or Carrell name comes from KeanII, son of Ollioll Olum, King of Munster of the Territory of Ely in Lower Ormond. The Carroll's then married to the O'Briens(O'Bryan) through Sarah d. of Earl of Thurmond. next Carroll  who married Earl of Meaths daughter and Daniel Carroll who married Dorothy d. of Kennedy, by Margaret O'Brien, daughter of Moore Carroll
and O'Neill whose mother was Argyle.
Daniel Carroll had 20 sons, whom he presented as a troop for war. From these lines all the Carrolls have descended.

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