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Our Carroll/Carrell/O'Carroll line and kin

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Welcome to our web site!

This site is for all Carrells, Carrolls, and O'Carrolls of the world. It is a work in process and a collection of family histories and genealogies of the Carrolls. Be it know that all Carroll's are related worldwide through Ireland. The original spelling was Chearbil ( a Gaelic name meaning Brave Warrior.) if you would like to connect your Carroll gen site let us know and we will ad the link.
Be sure to click on the Carroll-Carrell genealogy at the top of the page to see it.

This link is the Christopher-Carroll-Thornberry link of the Carrells to the Carrolls, from Kentucky. This line goes to Margaret Carroll, who was the Aunt of outlaw Jesse James. This link is also a link to the Bronaughs(Bronough) family of Kentucky. Wal Bronaugh my Great Uncle to the Bowers in Texas to the Yarbrough family is the man who got Cole Younger out of prison and took him to Texas. That link is also here.

Carroll/Carrell Family in Kentucky by Chris Thornberry

Jesse James, Cole Younger, and Wal Bronaugh

Carroll's Corner-and Jesse James

Carroll Royal Site

Our Bower(Bauer) kin

Our Busby Kin

Our Beckham Kin

Our Richards Kin

Our Carroll Kin and Royal link

I hope you enjoyed this site!

Chief Elie O'Carroll, Head of Clan Cian(Carrolls) kissing the hand of an Irish Model.
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