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Bauer Genealogy of Our Bauer (Bowers) from Germany, Prussia
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Much thanks to our cousins Bill Cunningham and wife Cindy for this info.

Bower(Bauer) Family and kin

Our line from Fuerfeld Germany from 1700's:

1. generation
 Jakob Bauer, citizen and saddler in Grossgartach (city nearby) and wife Anna Barbara (no family name stated)

 2. generation, his son Johann Jakob Bauer, citizen and saddler,
 born 29 Nov.? 1750 (most likely in Grossgartach), he died 7 May 1819 in Fuerfeld.
 he married on 25 Nov. 1776 in Fuerfeld
 Susanna Katharina Wachter, born 18 Feb.? 1751 in Fuerfeld, died 1 April 1829 in Fuerfeld

Her father is Johann Andreas Wachter, citizen and
cabinetmaker in Wimpfen (old city
 close by) 
 children are born between 1780 and 1796, 5 died in
 childhood, 3 got married.
 child is Johann Christoph Bauer born 24 May
1782. (Robbin's Great Great Grandfather)
3. Generation, his grandson: Johann Christoph
 Bauer, citizen and
 saddler, born 24 May 1782 in Fuerfeld, died 28 Feb 1852? died in Texas
  he married on 18 Feb. 1806 Katharina Maria Schuler  born19 Aug? 1778 in Fuerfeld, died 6 Aug. 1829 in Fuerfeld
Children: 1. Eberhard Christoph Bauer, born 8 Feb. 1807 Robbin Bower's great Great Uncle 
2. Wilhelm Jakob Bauer born 27 Jan. 1810 died
 184?  Died in Texas 
3. Christina Regina born 14 March 1812, died 28 Oct. 1813
4. Eberhard Jakob born 17 July 1814 died

5. Elisabeth Katharina born 3 June 1822, died 25 Oct. 1822

JohannChristoph Bauer married a second time on 2 Jan. 1831 a  Catharina Schieber vom Massenbach (close by)
children from 2nd marriage 5 children, cannot read their names nor
 of birth, obviously, 3 children got married.

 Christoph Bauer was actually baptised with two
 first names: Eberhard
  Christoph.  Maybe he did not like Eberhard and just
 dropped it.
 Christoph married 183? a
Johanna Rosine
 Prech?error: This is Brech or Brock,
  Robbin Bower's line:
 There are 11 children noted, cannot read names no birthdates
 very good, some diedearly.  A n d  there is a statement that the family
 emigrated in 1849. t Amerika
 So it is sure the right family.
> >
Take a look at the mormons page  (family search IGI) I found a Johann Jakob
 Bauer born April 1718 in Grossgartach, he married 1738
 a Anna Barbara Schmetzer, 6 children are noted, including our no. 2
Johann Jacob Bauer born (Robbin Bower's Great Grandfather) m. Julia Mae Cowan, daug. of A.T. Cowan

Children: Jacob Louis Bauer (Bower) m. Helen D.Robinson Busby

 ch 1.Jasper Louis Bower jr. D. Aug. 1 1960, Plane Crash Glen Rose Texas m. Patti Jan Carroll Turman

ch. 1. David Drake Bower m. Gloria Ann Moore

         ch. Jennifer Rachel Bower whitehead

              ch. Bethany, Trey,


ch. 2. Mary Robbin Bower m. 1 Charles Max Barney(Divorce)

           ch. April D. Barney

               children: Indonesia L. Barney, Elijah Jacob Henderson, Aliya,   Yoshi

      m. 2 Kenneth Phillip Lyon (Divorce)

             2. ch. Gabrielle Noel Lyon

            3.  ch. Ariel Shiloh Bower


2. child of Johann Jacob Bower and Julia Mae Cowan;

Mary Joyce Mackey Brueggemeyer

1 ch. Steve Mackey

   children:JESSICA, ASHLEY


Thomas Cullen Bower m. Anne Mercer Evans

  1. ch. Tanna Lynn Morton Bower m. Duane Grayson (divorce)

       ch. Tonya Lynn Grayson Douglas

             children: Tyler, Chance

  2. marriage Greg Stevens

      ch. Tara Stevens

         ch. Trinity O'Bryan

  2. ch. Don Bower, no children m. Monica

  3. ch. Dennis Duane Bower

         ch. Michelle Renee Bower

         ch. David Bower

         ch. Duane Thomas Bower (military)

These Bauers are the Rothschild relatives from Fuerfeld. Moses Amschel Bauer being the first of the Bauers to change name to Rothschild, named after the Red Shield on the house. 

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Samuel Abraham. Bauer. 1765 - 1809 b: 1765 in Ernsbach, Germany. Died: 1809 ..... Rothschild. 1857 - 1944 b: June 13, 1857 in Hochhausen, Germany. Died: 1944 ..... in Fuerfeld, Germany....

 you want to look up Fuerfeld in google earth. Search
> for
> > Bad Rappenau (zip code
> > is 74906). Fuerfeld is incorporated since 1972 to Bad
> > Rappenau. On google earth
> > Fuerfeld would be a little west of Bad Rappenau, it is



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