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Our Richards Family Line
Our direct line to WH Richards and Polly Sapp
Our direct line to WH Richards and Polly Sapp
Family Photo Album

to  Strat, Cull and Lena Richards


Hamilton E. RICHARDS (AFN: 4QVQ-Q5) Pedigree
Sex:  M Family

Birth:  11 Nov 1859  
Crockett, Houston, Tx  
Death:  11 Nov 1918  
Tahoka, Lynn, Tx  
Burial:  12 Nov 1918  
Tahoka, Lynn, Tx  

Father:  William RICHARDS (AFN: 4QVQ-VT) Family
Mother:  Catherine BURCH (AFN: 4QVQ-W1)

Spouse:  Emma S. PHILLIPS (AFN: 4QVQ-RB) Family


Children of this union: Stratford Harrison Richards Crockett to Lena Arena Busby Richards ch. Cull Richards b. Crockett, Texas

Charlie Ruth Richards Rountree , b. Waco. d. Arlington, Texas

Husband's Name
William RICHARDS (AFN:4QVQ-VT) Pedigree
Born:  16 Jan 1814 Place:  <Crockett, Houston, Tx>  
Died:  21 Dec 1892 Place:   
Father:  Charles Harrison RICHARDS (AFN:12S1-1J8) Family
Mother:  Mary Polly SAPP (AFN:12S1-1FM)

Wife's Name
Catherine BURCH (AFN:4QVQ-W1) Pedigree
Born:  20 Jan 1822 Place:  <Crockett, Houston, Tx>  
Died:  3 Apr 1875 Place:   


1.  Sex  Name  
M Hamp E. RICHARDS (AFN:1DGG-6R1) Pedigree
    Born:  1859 Place: 

2.  Sex  Name  
M Charles S. RICHARDS (AFN:1DGG-6M6) Pedigree
    Born:  1839 Place: 

3.  Sex  Name  
M Benjamin RICHARDS (AFN:1DGG-6ND) Pedigree
    Born:  1842 Place: 

4.  Sex  Name  
M William W. RICHARDS (AFN:1DGG-6PL) Pedigree
    Born:  1844 Place: 

5.  Sex  Name  
M Xerxes RICHARDS (AFN:1DGG-6QS) Pedigree
    Born:  1847 Place: 

6.  Sex  Name  
M Hamilton E. RICHARDS (AFN:4QVQ-Q5) Pedigree
    Born:  11 Nov 1859 Place:  Crockett, Houston, Tx
    Died:  11 Nov 1918 Place:  Tahoka, Lynn, Tx
    Buried:  12 Nov 1918 Place: 

Tahoka, Lynn, Tx




This is what I have been able to find on Emma Phillips.Elizabeth (Wife of Isaac W Phillips) was born about 1844 in Mississippi. She died between 1873 and 1938.

She was married to Isaac W. Phillips about 1864 in Texas. Children were: Brida Phillips, Suellen Phillips, Emma Phillips, Moore Phillips.