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Our direct Shivers line begins here with my Great Aunt and Uncle Altee Shivers and her husband, John Franklin Shivers I. Then the son John Franklin Shivers II, President of the First Pasadena Bank. John was one of my favorite cousins, although he suffered much heart trouble all his life and passed away early.He is pictured here as a Child. Other pictures are his mother my Gr. Aunt Altee busby Shivers,  of Great Aunt Gussie Worthington Shivers, and Gov. Allan Shivers. I do not know what has become of John Shivers III my cousin and his sister Kim. I last heard that John was a preacher in Crockett.

These lines extend to the Creasy family of East Texas to Gov. Allan Shivers and his wifes line of Shary. I visited with them in Austin at the Capital and sat on the lawn with them visiting once.  The Shivers owned a store in Crockett for many years . To my recollection it was Shivers Dry Goods.


John Shivers of Gov. Allan Shivers became CEO and President of Southwest Bank in Ft. Worth. I think the banking ran in the family as Allan was in politics a long time twice govenor and President of the U.S. Bank of Commerce at one time.


To right: Altee Busby Shiver, Mother of John Franklin Shivers II

Below: Gov. Allan Shivers