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Springfield Vital Alert Club


Welcome to our web site!

Helping seniors,  homebound, and disabled children and adults  with thier vital signs monthly, We alert your physicians if needed.  This idea is new and innovative during economic recession and is based up on the idea of a co-operative: people helping people.
Vital alert membership is only $10 dollars a month. You can up your vital checks for an additional $3 each.  Discount for members only. 
We also do appointment reminders for members for $5 per month.
Join Today and know your ok!
Member of Springfield and S.W. Missour Co-operative*


Contact us by email or text us at (417) 379-8125 for appt. to join.
Email is: We come out to sign you and do a free assessment of your needs. We also have a referral service.


You can e-mail us at:

Open to all residents of Springfield.